How to Stay Protected this Summer While Still Looking Stylish

The summer is out- oh boy is it- and that only means one thing, it’s SUMMERTIME!  As you make your way to the course, gather with friends at the pool, or take a nice cruise; make sure you’re avoiding those harsh UV rays as much as you can. Here’s how you can look cute this summer time while staying protected:


Stylish Eyewear

This is a given, but sunglasses always pull together the summer look and at the same time shield your eyes from damaging rays. To up the cuteness factor, invest in a trendy pair (round lenses are so in right now). Ray-Ban sunglasses are a good choice for high-quality and chic. The brand offers a variety of frames to fit all face shapes and at the same time, gives you the additional polarized lens option for maximum UV protection. (blogher.Com)

Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

When you’re shopping for the perfect moisturizer there are two factors that will add to its perfection – tinted and SPF. You’ll usually find SPF in daytime moisturizer versus nighttime cream. Try looking for SPF that’s 30 and up and grabbing a tinted moisturizer that’ll give your body and face an additional sun-kissed glow anywhere you go.

Sun-Protected Swimwear

You may not think twice about it, but your swimwear could use a layer of protection too. Try out some sun-protected swimwear like Parasol next time you go pool-side. This line is not only fashionable but made with UPF 50+ fabric so you can get the protection needed on the parts of your body that are drenched in sunscreen.

Hats and Visors

If you’re a hat girl, more power to you cause you’re automatically protecting your face from the sun while still decorating your noggin. Wear a hat with a wide brim to get extra coverage surrounding your gorgeous face. Or, perhaps try a big floppy sunhat. Not only are they a classic summertime must (especially for a sunny day at the race track!), but they also provide ultimate shade for your face and neck. Check these out!

Tanning Oil with SPF

As much as you want to protect your skin from the damaging effects, laying out to get that summer tan is very tempting. So if you can’t avoid baking in the sun to get color, at least try using tanning oil that has SPF in it. Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic both offer a line of tanning oils that include SPF—aim for the highest number you can find. You’ll still get the tan you want but the protection you need.

UV Sports Attire

The great thing about the summer season is it’s a perfect time to get outside and exercise. But looking cute while sweating isn’t an easy task. Good thing athleisure is in and there are a ton of fashionable sportswear lines available to help you look good when running passed the eye-candy on the trail. Look for sports attire with UV protection like San Soleil, Icikuls, and so many others here . They are breathable, made with wicks that keep you dry and offer UPF sun protection, not to mention, they are stylish and sporty.

Following these easy tips will keep you stylish and protected this summer.




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