The Top 5 Things that are Must Haves in Your Golf Bag: Ladies Golf Apparel

We all have been there, on the course and you realize you forgot that one thing you can’t live without, like lip gloss, your favorite sunglasses, or even your favorite golf gloves.  So frustrating!

Start by always having your bag packed. Never leave home without it! Women love to carry bags, myself included. So why not always have it packed so you will never be without the things you love. For instance, having a baby I always carry a diaper bag. I NEVER leave home without it. You just never know when your child may have an accident and then you will be wishing you just grabbed that diaper bag for extra precaution. See older posts on bags here, here, and here.

Here are the TOP 5 things that are MUST HAVES in your golf bag, in case you don’t already have your favorites.

Golf Towels

They come in all shapes and sizes now. Need an extra sweat blotter? Done and done! Did you spill your water everywhere in the cart? Done and more done.


 Zipper Pouches

These things are a lifesaver when it comes to staying organized. Easy way to bring your debit cards without your whole wallet, and always have that lip gloss for reapplication one or twenty times. 😉 Find some great styles in zipper pouches from Glove it here.


Sun Sleeves

Seriously never leave home without these. If you feel like you’re getting burnt and too much sun you can always throw these things on, and feel better about your skin if you forgot that whole big bottle of sunscreen because it was too big to fit in that teeny bag. You can find sun sleeves  for everyone here.

sun sleeves

Mini Cooler

Yes I did say a cooler.  The Cool-It-Caddy is like a mini cooler and a purse combined. They come in small little purses and you can throw in your medicine that needs to stay cool, deodorant, lip gloss, or a small little drink so you don’t have to buy the expensive beverages.  These things are a serious MUST HAVE. Get yourself one here.

cool it caddy

Song Birdie

Ever wanted to go through life with music in the background all the time? Now you can. This little thing is AMAZING.  The Song Birdie is small enough to fit in the palm of your hands and large enough to hear on the course. Play your the songs of your life on this gem.

song birdie


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